Bulmer Farms has implemented a program of safety policies, procedures and training to minimise the risk of injury to our employees. To this end we have:

  • A strong management commitment to safety in the workplace
  • Formed a staff based OH&S committee
  • Allocated the necessary resources to support our safety program
  • Regular consultation regarding safety issues with our employees
  • Identified high risk tasks and developed safe working procedures
  • Implemented ongoing health and safety training programs
  • Encourage incident reporting, and
  • Commitment to support injured workers in their rehabilitation

Health and Safety Statement

Our policy is to provide a controlled work environment that protects the health, safety and welfare of all employees and other persons at our office, packing shed and farm locations.
Bulmer Farms Pty Ltd (Bulmer Farms) accepts its responsibility as an employer, to train and assist all employees in safe work practices, and seeks the full support and cooperation of all employees.
Our commitment:

  • Management will meet its obligations to the act, regulations, codes and standards, by identifying all issues appropriate to the management of health and safety at Bulmer Farms
  • Management staff are committed to implementing and monitoring good health and safety practices in their specific areas of operation
  • All employees have a personal responsibility to their employer, their fellow workers, themselves and the general public to adopt and maintain appropriate health and safety standards in all their work activities

Our safety program may include but is not limited to:

  • Identifying hazards in the workplace using risk management procedures
  • Assessing the risks that may result from hazards
  • Acting as soon as possible to prevent, or minimise, the level of risks
  • Inspecting, monitoring, and reviewing the implementation and effectiveness of safety measures undertaken
  • Where appropriate, involving personnel in discussions and decisions that improve health and safety conditions

At all times the business will maintain health and safety as a priority, and will not knowingly demand or expect any person to participate in any activities which are likely to be detrimental to their health or safety.

For and on behalf of Bulmer Farms Pty Ltd
Andrew Bulmer
Managing Director