Growing All The Time

Bulmer Farms Fancy Lettuce

Bulmer Farms is continually developing and improving its management practices. The business, originating from a family owned and run business and expanding into one of the largest vegetable growing enterprises in the Mitchell River Valley with over 380 hectares across 9 farms, and its managers continue the family tradition of supplying the best produce possible.

The management team continue to expand on a strong foundation by incorporating into their management systems Freshcare Food Safety and Quality, Worksafe Health and Safety, Agsafe Chemical Compliance and environmental standards.

Bulmer Farms has been a HACCP accredited grower from 2005 until 2010 when we transferred our food safety management program to the Freshcare Code of Practice – Food Safety and Quality 3rd Edition July 2009. We believe that the Freshcare Code of Practice is more closely aligned with the needs of vegetable growers.

Our commitment to Freshcare Food Safety is supported with soil and water testing, product testing and good manufacturing processes. Many of our customers are now demanding adherence to even stricter food safety measures as specified in Global GAP and the various supermarket accreditation standards.

While this places a large cost burden on the business we understand that the need for consumer safety is paramount.

We have an extensive system of safety controls that include internal audits, 2nd and 3rd party audits and our own business improvement program, a Bulmer farms initiative that encourages all employees to be vigilant not only to report problems but also to recommend improvements.


Freshcare Statement

Bulmer Farms is committed to meeting the requirements of the Freshcare Code of Practice Food Safety and Quality, Compliance Criteria and Certification Rules and to ensuring we produce safe quality food that meets our customers’ expectations and relevant legal requirements.

This statement is issued to indicate our attitude and commitment to our relationship with our customers and our standards of service. The full support of our employees, suppliers and contractors is sought in actively pursuing this quest for quality.
For and on behalf of Bulmer Farms Pty Ltd

Andrew Bulmer

Managing Director