Cos lettuce is a variety of lettuce that grows in a tall slender head of crisp leaves with firm ribs down their centres. The outer leaves are crisp with no spots or signs of yellowing. The inner leaves are paler with a milder taste ideal for salads.Bulmer Farms Cos Lettuce

Cos lettuce is traditionally used in Caesar salads. Here are some of Bulmer Farms favourite Cos Lettuce recipes.

Select Cos lettuce that is tall and firm with a pale stem and leaves that have no spots or yellowing.

Cos lettuce is a great source of folate, vitamin C and antioxidants and is low in calories.

Cos lettuce is planted via transplanted seedlings, it is cut in the paddock and immediately vacuum cooled on return to the packhouse, then stored in the cool room ready for transport.Bulmer Farms Cos Lettuce

Cos lettuce should be stored away from Bananas, apples and pears to retain freshness.

Cos lettuce is grown by Bulmer Farms and harvested from Mid-October to Mid-May and is available within these times.