Baby spinach is a flat spade shaped vegetable with tender green leaves that have a soft texture and a mild sweet taste that can be eaten raw or cooked. Baby spinach is low in calories and fat free but also loaded with nutrients.Bulmer Farms Baby Spinach

Baby spinach is regular spinach that is harvested earlier therefore the leaves are smaller and tenderer than regular spinach.

Baby spinach is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin K and folate. One cup of raw baby spinach is more that you daily requirements of Vitamin K and half your daily requirement for Vitamin A.

When selecting baby spinach select tender firm leaves that are not wilted or damaged. Store in your refrigerator crisper and do not let it get damp or collect water in the bag. Baby spinach will turn yellow when stored at higher than recommended temperatures.Bulmer Farms Spinach

Baby spinach is generally eaten raw in salads, however it can be added to cooked dishes at the last minute. Here are some of Bulmer Farms favourite Baby Spinach recipes.

Baby spinach is planted by tractor with a seeder attached, it is then machine harvested, transported back to the packing shed and put into the vacuum cooler. From the vacuum cooler it goes through the cold wash, spun and packaged into carton or bulk crates depending on who the client is and their requirements.

Baby spinach is grown by Bulmer Farms and available all year round.