Soil health, seasonal factors, water resources and production demands all impact on the planting program that is developed by the production team each year. High importance is given to crop rotation, planting cover crops and minimising soil compaction to maintain the best possible growing conditions for healthy plants.

Bulmer Farms Transplant SeederGround PreparationBulmer Farms Direct Seeding

Soil testing is conducted to determine the suitability of individual fields to grow the designated produce. Our agronomists oversee the soil testing and subsequent development of specific fertiliser application programs.

Bulmer Farms utilise a fleet of tractors and machinery to ready the soil for planting. Routine maintenance programs and methodical cleaning procedures keep our machinery in tip-top shape. Precision driving is required to work the soil and form planting beds between the fixed irrigation lines. New farming techniques are continually being trialled to minimise the impact on the soil across all ground preparation processes.

Transplanting Seedlings

Our traditional crops such as lettuce are purchased as seedlings and transplanted into the pre-prepared beds, ensuring maximum density planting and greater natural control over weed growth.

Direct Seed

With the introduction of baby leaf products to our range we have moved heavily into the direct seeding of crops. Planting rates are trialled and monitored to determine the maximum yields possible.

As with the seedling transplants all crops are recorded and allocated a unique crop ID to enable traceability from seed to plate.